+NOTW: Soft Metals#=

(Please excuse the little nick on the nail on my index finger)

This color is gorgeous! It's Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure Pedal to the Medal (it may be discontinued). A great, opaque silver with lavender undertones. I'm loving it! The silver is nice and smooth, and it even covers the ridges in my nails and smooths it out. It reminds me of silver car paint and the silver metallic Sharpies! It also looks really soft and delicate on my nails. Think of soft, pliable metals, or a very fragile silver car that will dent from a gentle touch. Although my picture doesn't really show it, it's a purple silver metallic. If I put my nails next to black (which I should've taken a pic of...but didn't.. sorry!) the purple peeks through. It's a cool toned, neutral silver; I think it will complement any outfit and skin tone and is perfect for the winter!

I put a coat of Revlon's Sparkling to accent my ring finger.

all products purchased with my own money