+NOTW: Nude Summer#=

What's the best color to make your summer tan pop? A lot of people use white and neons, but I like using nudes. A nude nail color will enhance your tan and make it look a lot more natural and not as harsh as white. I don't like having plain white nails because they are b o r i n g! So get ready for some nice and nude nails :)

First, I applied a base coat from Revlon on all my nails (Revlon Extra Strength Base and Top Coat FirmaNail 955)
Next, I used three coats of a sheer nude color from Revlon (Revlon Sheer Nail Enamel in Sheer Buff 015)
Then, I used a yellow-gold crackle to accent my ring finger from Sally Hansen (Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Antique Gold)
Finally, I sealed my nails off with the same base and top coat. Good luck, girlies! :)

all products purchased with my own money