+my favorite pencil eyeliners+

From top to bottom:
wet 'n wild kohl eyeliner (light blue, light green, teal, purple)
milani liquif'eye liquid propel eyeliner (07 purple)
bareMinerals big & bright eyeliner (black diamond)
ULTA Automatic Eye Liner (deep brown)
ULTA Contour eye/lip (bronze/flesh)
ULTA Automatic Eye Liner (bronze)
jane agua ceuticals agua eyestix (bronze coral)
VS beautyrush chubby eye stick (glampagne)

 Although some eyeliners aren't high end products, the color is very pigmented and beautiful. For example, the wet'n'wild eyeliners are bright and colorful. They remind me of Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliners (but of course, UD's are WAY better...). They don't last as long, unless you use a primer. For me, it lasts about 4hr on my lids and 2hr on the waterline. But what can you expect for $0.99? It's less than a dollar, a fraction of UD's cost!

I recently got Milani's Liquif'eye propel eye liner in purple after reading so many great reviews on Milani's liquif'eye eye liner pencil (not the propel one). These are very sparkly, so I LOVE them! It has lots of purple microglitter in a black-ish eyeliner, not what I was really expecting. I thought it was going to be a plain purple eyeliner, but this is beyond my expectations! Highly recommend you to try it :)

ULTA's eye liners are excellent to use when you don't feel like using a high end liner. They work really well and I got them for only $1 during their winter sale! I had a purple one (called Raisin) but I misplaced it somewhere...Gotta find it because it's a nice deep purple. These eyelienrs are my go-to's.

During a clearance sale at Walgreens a while back, I got the jane eyestix. I don't regret it. Actually, I do. I regret not buying 5 more! Man, I love these. HG. definitely. I LOVE the color so much!! I can use this everyday but the sad thing is that the product broke and came out. I love it so much I didn't toss it, so I'm sure you'll love it too! A plus for this eye stick is the white tea ingredients, which is beneficial to the eye area.

Last but not least, the VS beauty rush eye stick! This isn't the exact same color as the cream shadow in Glampagne. I like using both, but I use the cream shadow more. I alternate between when I use them, but I have to admit that I haven't even sharpened the pencil yet, and I've been using this for quite a while. Love the subtle shimmer though! Perfect for neutral eyes

All products purchased with my own money