+NOTW: Delicate Lace + Nude#=

This super feminine nail took me about 2 minutes per nail to draw in the lace design, but the end result it totally worth the time! Try it and show me how yours turned out on Instagram (with the tag #immalilcutiepie)

Sorry, I didn't take pictures step by step, but they are really simple!

Here's how to do it...

1. Base coat. Always use a base coat for an even, stain-free mani. I used Wet'n'Wild Clear Nail Protector.

2. Two coats of a peachy-nude color (or any colorful pastel! I wanted nude nails this week, but I think pastels will look sooooo pretty). I used L.A. Color Craze in Mega Watt.

3. With a white striper, make a little half circle at the base of your nails (like a super tiny half moon mani).

4. Following the curve of the semi-circle, outline it about a fourth of a centimeter away (like a Target bullseye or a parenthesis).

5. Connect the half-circle to the curve you just drew using tiny straight lines, like the rays of a sun. Kinda "tribal" looking...

6. Draw three little "loops" or "petals".

7. Draw 2 or 3 dots on top of each loop.

8. Finally, seal it off with a top coat!


all products purchased with my own money