##NYC Fashion Haul##

WARNING: There will be a lot of pics! :)

Beautiful glass file from Bed Bath & Beyond
I've been looking for a glass file since forever! Guess how excited I was to find it at BBB

Bow ring from Forever21 ($3.80)
Do you like my caviar nails? I think the beads make my nails look fat. 
Maybe I'll try a caviar French tip next time!

Adorable studs from a Korean boutique

THESE ARE SO CUTE. I do wish the chain was longer though. It's a double earring for those with double or triple piercings! I'm in love with these so I bought two :) Also from the Korean boutique

Leather bracelet I got from morning glory

Skinny jeans from American Eagle ($29.99) They look amazing! Love the dark wash and fit

 Cute peter-pan collared top with a crochet design in the front from Forever21 (a different one; I got the ring from the one in Times Square)

 Black crochet swing-style tank from TJMaxx; it hides my muffin top!

 Dainty mint green crochet top with a very cute applique-style in the back. Also from TJMaxx

Lace top from TJMaxx. I love the sleeves and the boxy cut :) 

of course, all products purchased with my own money.