+NOTW: Under The Sea + Review!#=

Here are my nails of the week! This is "Kissy" by Sinful Colors. It reminds me of oceans and the Caribbean and mermaids. It has a beautiful iridescent gold-green shimmer and is blue-green in color. It looks more blue if you layer it on top of white.

I was going for a fish-scale look, but ended up with a snakeskin look. I used Konad stamps to create the snakeskin effect, but you can always use mesh or paper towels to imitate the texture. The color I used for stamping is a maroon brown-ish color that is just gorgeous alone! It's called "Mercury Rising", also by Sinful Colors. 

Kissy is a great nail polish -- I love the color and it lasts freakishly long! I've had it on for a week, with base coat but no top coat and it is still in great condition. Almost no chipping, I'm not kidding..... The only thing I hate is the smell. Yes, I know nail polish is stinky but this one STINKS. Compared to any other Sinful Colors polish, I'd hate to admit, but this one is very very strong. It's bearable, I guess. It went away after 1.5 days. But it's a tradeoff! Lasting power for smell, anyone?

all products purchased with my own money