#Short Intro=

Hey there! I'm Michelle and I'm fairly new to blogging. I've got a few posts here and there, but I've been absent for 2 months! WOW...time flies! I've been super busy studying and working, I couldn't spend more time blogging. Sorry about that...:/ Junior year is hectic: ACT, dance practices, testing, community service, 3 AP classes, mountains of homework, etc etc. But I PROMISE that I will be back mid June!!!! :D

MY GOAL: My main focus is on helping people find their inner beauty and not be self conscious on just outer looks. It won't help if you're a pretty face with a b*tchy attitude, so embrace your inner self! Not everyone can afford to spend $$$$$ on expensive, high end makeup. Maybe you want to save up for a nice shirt or eat at a nice restaurant and not spend so much on makeup. I look for good dupes and possibly even better, so why pay $$$ when you can get a product with the same (or better) quality for $? I'm still in high school right now so I can't spend as much time as I would like with blogging. But I promise to try my best! 

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