Update & Currently Under Renovation

How long has it been since I written an actual blog post (the blog sale doesn't count...)?! 

Way too long....I'm terribly sorry for being an on-and-off blogger, but I've been away for many personal issues. Senior year in high school looks easy for so many people because they take easy classes and fool around since they are done with school. Not saying that I wasn't one of those people, but all the stress and college stuff came raining down on me and it was hard to fully enjoy senior year and keep you guys posted. I also had foot surgery and that made life a lot harder. You don't know how much you depended on your two feet until you can't use one of them. I'm supposed to have fully recovered by Aug 9, but that is just not gonna happen. My foot has been swelling like a balloon at night and I elevate it, but it has been like that ever since I got the stitches out. Since I had surgery, nail polish just didn't feel right. Yes, my toenails are polish-free and I have been dying to do them! Resisting nail polish has been the hardest thing ever. Especially when I have so many beautiful designs cramming in my head. And I really want to blog.

Anyways, I got sick of how terrible my blog looked, so it's a good time to have a fresh new update. missnailedit is my main social media username (YoutubeBeautylishTwitter) and I use immalilcutiepie for Pinterest & Instagram. Follow me for updates! Hopefully I will recover by Aug 9 and be able to dive into my polish cravings.